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Pillar Type Power Press

Pillar Type Power Press
Pillar Type Power Press
Pillar Type Power Press

Product Model Name : Pillar Type Power Press

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Introduction of Pillar Type Power Press

The machine, Pillar Type Power Press uses drilling rigs along ball card assets with 6 powerful drill gears for producing safety, reliability and high work proficiency. The drill gears can be replaced without shutting down the rod.


The machinery is built of a frame which is fabricated with steel used for rolling steel plates with appropriate cross ribbings. The accurately sized flywheel made of cast iron is used for releasing and storing energy for pressing operation. The properly seasoned Table and Ram obtain high accuracy and press operation for pillar type power press machine. The steel fabricated gears are generated by hobbling machine. In order to make the machinery work smoothly for longer term and accuracy, the Crank Shaft is used. The rigid and finely aligned clutches are utilized for giving continuous stroke.


What are the features of Pillar Type Power Press Machine?

Due to its flawless and uninterrupted machining operation is considered suitable for non stop performances. It’s perfectly aligned construction makes it easy to operate. The automatic controlling features of the Pillar Type Power Press Machine gives excellent performances and necessity productivity. In order to retrieve durability and rigidity, the machine is designed with precise structure. The cast iron and steel provides high quality and performance. The pillar type machine is used for manufacturing the machinery parts, drilling holes and furniture making.

Accessories of Pillar Type Power Press

Accessories like Automatic lubrication pump, Motor pulley, Tow hand operated clutch, Slide adjustable spanner, Extra base plate, Fly wheel & Gear guard, and Electric Motor, Starter, and Vee-belts makes it a consistently used manufacturing machine in the factories. It also includes Oil cups for lubrication point, Inclinable Type, Clutch key spring, Clutch key, Single / continuous stroke and Knock-out system.

Technical Specifications:

Crank Shaft Dia.63768395115127152160165
Stroke Adj.6-5010-6310-7613-10513-11513-127113-14013-15213-165
Hole in Ram25.43238384551516363
Thickness of Bolester55636376198102102115127
Dist Bed to Ram215255290355375420445470485
Stroke Per Minute706060555040303025
H.P. Require12357.510152025

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