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Power Press Machines

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A metal sheet working tool with a stagnant bed and powered ram that can be driven away or towards the bed in order to apply force to the formation of various metal operations is known as a Power Press Machines. The frame in the Press machines decides the construction and the position of the bed and ram. The bed is attached to a die mounted steel plate. The gripped punch holder is attached to the ram.

Power Press Machines Are Classified Into Different Categories

  1. According to the Type and Design of Frame : – The Design and Type of the frame are classified into further categories including the open and horning end, inclinable, adjustable bed, straight side and gap frame.
  2. According to apparatus used to transmit Power to Ram : – Cam Driven Press, Rack and Pinion Press, Crank Press, Screw Press, Eccentric Press, Hydraulic Press, Knuckle Press, Toggle Press are types of apparatus used.
  3. According to the Purpose of Use : – The purpose of using Press varies from Rolling to caining, shearing, seaming, forging, punching, bending, straightening, extruding, etc.
  4. According to the source of Power : – Power Presses and Manually operated power or power driven are used to process the thin sheets.

Features of Power Press Machines

  • Maximized Force : – Its capacity to exert the maximized force on the workpiece varies from 4000 to 5 tons for the press that is mechanical. A hydraulic press can exert up to 50,000 tons.
  • Stroke Length :- The distance traveled by the ram from top to bottom most position is calculated in mm. As is adjustable, values differ between the maximum and minimum stroke length.
  • Die Space :- It is the total surface area consisting of bed, base, ram base where the die is maintained.
  • Shut Height :- It is the total opening of the ram when it’s at the bottom most position of the workpiece.
  • Press Adjustments :-  the Tonnage that adjustable and can change as per the requirement.

The main parts of the Power Press like the Base (which considered the key feature of every machine), Frame ( that is the one which gives support to the ram), Ram (which is considered the main operating part of the machinery) and Controlling Mechanism (that is used to operate a press under pre-scheduled control conditions) makes the machinery easy to use and less time-consuming.

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