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C Type Power Press

C Type Power Press
C Type Power Press
C Type Power Press

Product Model Name : C Type Power Press

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C type power press manufacturer in Ludhiana

Introduction of ‘C’ Type Power Press

C Type Power Press Machine is utilized for changing the shape of a workpiece into a desired form or size by pressure application. The machinery is fabricated with modern techniques along with excellent quality components.


The machinery is constructed of a frame with suitable cross ribbings. The adjustment of the frame takes place before the welding of steel plates. Giving continuous strokes for the massive production, the clutch is either a pin or rolling key type. The perfectly positioned heavy duty ironed Ram and Table obtain pressings. An adequate energy is released and stored for the pressing operation by a suitably sized flywheel.


The manufacturer in Ludhiana produces Power Press machines with high quality and technical specialization. The exporter, supplier, and manufacturing firm provides a wide range of Power press machinery that includes C Type Power Press Machine, Pillar Type Power Press, Hydraulic Press Machine, Hydraulic Iron Workers.


What are the features of ‘C’ Type Power Press?

Its advanced PLC (programmable logic controller) control makes the C Type Power Press Machine give a highly efficient performance. The machinery is fabricated with Innovative safety dual valve and Vibration free wide body frame which makes the machine perform its specialized services for a longer period of time. The craft shaft made of steel is located vertically with a compact structure that undergoes high quenching for a high- caliber operation. Due to the hard steel clutch, the power press machine functions excellently and requires less maintenance.

Accessories of ‘C’ Type Power Press

  • Knock out system
  • Tow hand operated clutch
  • Slide adjusting spanner
  • Oil cups for lubrication point
  • Electric motor, starter, and V- belts
  • Motor pulley
  • Fly wheel
  • Gear guard
  • Automatic lubrication pump
  • Additional base plate
  • Single and continuous stroke
  • Disposable type

Technical Specifications:

Power Press – Description51020305075100150200250
Crank Shaft Dia.51607683105121134152158165
Stroke Adj.6-256-2513-5113-6313-76115127152158165
Hole in Ram25253238384551576363
Hole in Bed63768389127127178191216229
Dist. Bed to Ram153205280292406483483495519544
Stroke Per Minute85756060555045403030
LxWof Bed305×178381×255508 x 305558 x 356750 x 520863×596914×635965 x 6851016 x 7361067 x 778
Fly Wheel Dia.4054355506608109101016111811501320
H.P. Require0.512357.510152025

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