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Lathe Machines

Lathe Machine Suppliers Ludhiana

We are the leading manufacturers and lathe machines suppliers, used for shaping metals in various different types of industries. The broad range of machine under the category includes V-belt drive lathe machine, all geared lathe machines, and accessories. We employ a best quality raw material for manufacturing these machines in order to make them last longer and to make them work efficiently. Our machines are priced reasonably and are highly preferred by the buyers.

Introduction of Lathe Machine 

A tool that rotates the piece of work to perform operations like drilling, cutting, turning, deformation, sanding or snarling with the types of equipment applied on the workpiece to form an object is known as Lathe. They are used in metalworking, thermal spraying, woodturning, glass working and metal spinning. They are also used to shape pottery. It is build up of a bed that is a horizontal beam which has headstock containing a horizontal axis at one end of the bed. An axis parallel to the bed is known as the spindle. The hollow spindles are either herded by foot power from a flywheel or a belt. 

Categories of Lathe Machines

  • Woodworking lathes: One of the most commonly used machinery, Woodworking Lathe have an adjustable horizontal metal rail resting between the operator and material of shaping tool. It is then pressed and slides the sandpaper against the spinning object to smooth the surface. They are also used in making plates and bowls. 
  • Metal Spinning Lathe: The tools used in a metal spinning lathe for removing the metal from the piece of work by using cutting equipment are usually in a wide range of shapes and sizes like triangular, round, diamond and square depending on the application. 
  • Ornamental Turning Lathes: for the eccentric chuck, elliptical chuck or horizontal or vertical cutting frames, accessories were utilized. Hence, Ornamental Lathe is used for decorative work. 
  • Glass-Working Lathes: Although they are similar to other lathes they function differently. The glass working lathes rotates the hollow glass over a variable or fixed temperature flame. The flames soften the glass. The tools used in the deformation and inflation of glass and tubes are man-handled. 

Why Purchase Lathe Machine from Master Exports?

Master Exports makes sure the lathe machine is manufactured with hi-tech equipment and techniques. With an experience of over three decades, the Lathe machine Suppliers deliver types of machines to the educational institutions for Diploma and B.Tech training. The machines are used in firms like cement plants, Sugarmill, rolling mills, and automobiles. Well known for their wide range of clients, the team of Master Exports focuses on supplying the best quality of products to their customers. 

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