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Medium Duty Lathe Machine

Medium Duty Lathe Machine
Medium Duty Lathe Machine
Medium Duty Lathe Machine

Product Model Name : Medium Duty Lathe Machine

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Technical Specifications:

Particulars / ModelsCDL6236CDL6241CDL6251
Max.Swing over Bed360mm410mm510mm
Max.Swing over Cross Slide180mm230mm320mm
Max. Swing in Gap590mm640mm735mm
Width of Gap300mm
Max. Length of Workpiece (ABC)750mm / 1000mm / 1500mm
Width of Guideway300mm
Main Spindle Bore48mm52mm82mm
Taper of Spindle BoreMT-6
Spindle NoseC6/D6D6D8
No. / Range of Spindle Speed12 / 32-2000rpm12 /16-1600rpm
Longitudinal Feed0.06~0.82mm/rev (0.02”~0.032”/r)
Cross Feed0.017~0.242mm/rev(0.0007”~0.0095”/r)
Metric Thread0.5 ~ 14mm
Whitworth Thread2 ~ 56 TPI
Range of Module Pitches0.5 ~ 14mm
Dia. Metrical Pitch Thread2 ~ 56 D.P
Max. Travel of Cross Slide
Max. Travel of Top Slide
Travel of Tailstock Quill150mm
Diameter of Tailstock Quill60mm
Taper bore of Tailstock QuillMT-4
Main Motor Power3/4.5kW (4/6 HP)5.5kW

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