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Weight Batcher

Weight Batcher
Weight Batcher
Weight Batcher

Product Model Name : Weight Batcher

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Concrete Weigh Batcher Suppliers

Weigh Batching is a process of measuring concrete ingredients which are considered a correct and preferred method as it gives a uniform proportion. The measure of weigh batching takes place in a very important modernized concrete batching and mixing plants. It is a flexible, simple, and accurate system. There are different types of weigh batches which are available as per the requirements at the construction sites. 

There are three types of Batchers;

  • Manual: This system is used for small jobs where the weigh batching of concrete ingredients are done manually. 
  • Semi-automatic: In this system, the bin gates are manually opened by operated switched and automatically gets closed when the material is delivered.
  • Fully automatic: With an automatic microprocessor, it controls the batching arrangements. It not only batches the correct proportion of the mixer but also the moisture content is automatically detected which leads to the correction in order to have the desired consistency. It is considered one of the most sophisticated jobs in the construction industry hence, qualified and experienced engineers are appointed for such jobs. 

What are the features?

It’s Dimensional & Structural Stability with Consistent Production Capacity that requires Frugal Power Consumption makes it a Heavy duty machinery. This construction machine has Controlled Operation, Low Coefficient of Friction and Wear of Machines. The Dust-Free Plant Environment is Exemplifies the Fabrication and Arrangement of Parts. It is well known for its Thermal Conductivity. 

Advantages of using Weigh Batching:

  • Excellent concrete output
  • High Accuracy
  • Joints provided with dust covered bearings.
  • Designed to adjust with old concrete mixer 

Technical Specifications:

Capacity:2 Hoppers of 250 Kg Capacity each to receive sand and metal
Chassis:Heavy duty robust made out of heavy steel section.
Transmission:By mechanical joints provided with dust covered bearings.
Weighing System:Pan weight of 50 and 100 kg and jockey weight to adjust the weight from 0 kg to 50 kg’s

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