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Concrete Mixer Machine Suppliers

The concrete mixer also is known as cement mixer is an appliance that combines cement, sand or gravel and water to form concrete. A revolving drum is used to mix the components. Although for a smaller mixer, portable machine is used at the construction site in order to give workers ample time to use before it hardens but mixing concrete by hand is also an alternative in some constructional sites. It is usually done in a wheelbarrow. Due to its flexibility at a construction site, it is easy to install as it creates less noise at is easily affordable.

Types of Concrete Mixer 

  • Metered Trucks: These trucks mix water with the concrete ingredient materials at the construction site in order to deliver the amount needed.
  • Portable: A small revolving drum is used to mix the component. Due to the transportation flexibility of this Construction Machine, it wastes no time at the construction site and gives the workers ample time to use the mixer formed before it hardens. It either is powered by electric motor or a gasoline engine. 
  • Trailers: They are considered the small version of a transit mix truck that is used to supply loads of concrete. They are used at building material locations and rental yards to transport the mixer. 
  • Self Loading: They are one of the uniquely designed machinery to transport, mix and batch the concrete. The loading bucket is fitted with an operator driver cab which is mounted on a rotating drum. The drum is of tilt/ reversible type or a combination of both. The mixer rotates within the drum at a speed until the concrete is discharged from the fitted chute. They are often used for the construction of the high-speed railway, highways construction, concrete pavement maintenance, bridge and tunnel construction. 


Technical Specifications:

Batch Capacity:200 Lts. 10 Cft Unmixed / 7 Cft Mixed.
Batch Capacity:Drive from the engine is provided with roller chain& sprockets. The drive to loader shaft is through acon clutch & chain The machine can be operated byDiesel engine or Electric Motor.
Power Requirement:A: 6.5 H.P. 1500 RPM Air or Water Cooled Diesel Engine
B: 7.5 H.P. 3 Phase 1440 RPM A.C. Drive Electric Motor
Handling:4 Nos. Pneumatic Tyre with Roller Bearing With Excel Shaft.

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