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Milling Machine

Milling Machine
Milling Machine
Milling Machine

Product Model Name : Milling Machine

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Milling Machine Manufacturers !

Milling machines are the tools that can be hand or power driven to machines a variety of materials, incorporating dynamic movement and orientation to achieve the target. It covers wide variety of different operations and machines on scale from small individual parts to large, heavy duty gang milling operations. Milling machines are of different types classified by their orientation to their workpiece and their degree of motion.


We Master Exports backed by rich and long industry experience the company has now grown to be one of the reputed and leading manufacturer and exporter in field of machine tools. Our vision is to increase the value of our company and achieve market leadership though operating excellence, make global portfolio of our brands and satisfaction of our customers.


Technical Specifications:

Working Surface1300 x 3001400 x 3301600 x 3501800 x 400
T. Slot Nos./ Size3.163.22 T NUT3.22 T NUT3.22 T NUT
T. Slot Centre70808590
Swivel± 45 deg± 45 deg± 45 deg± 45 deg
Longitudinal Travel-X70080010001200
Cross Travel-Y215260340380
Vertical Travel-Z450510600650
No. of Feeds18181818
Long. Feed/Min23-42023-42023-42023-420
Cross Feed/Min23-42023-42023-42023-420
Vert. Feed/Min3-703-703-703-70
No. of Rapid Feed1111
Rapid long & Cross / Min1050105010501050
Rapid Vertical Min175175175175
Speed RPM/ Speed40 to 1200 (12)40 to 1200 (12)40 to 1200 (12)40 to 1200 (12)
Spindle TaperISO 40ISO 40ISO 40ISO 50
Arbor Diameter25.425.43240
Main Motor (H.P)357.510
Feed Motor (H.P)2233
Coolant Motor (H.P)
Shipping Dimensions (L x W x H)173 x 137 x 200182 x 160 x 218198 x 168 x 234210 x 180 x 255
Net Weight (Kgs)2200320037004500
Gross Weight (Kgs)2600370043005000

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