24 x 7 Helpline Number :

Model 3050

Model 3050
Model 3050
Model 3050

Product Model Name : Model 3050

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Technical Specifications:

General specifications of machine model 3050
Type of bedFlat & V ( Gap Bed )
Width of bed375 mm
Height of center330 mm
Swing over bed620 mm
Swing over saddle500 mm
Swing over cross slide420 mm
Swing in gap930 mm
Length of gap in front of face plate150 mm
No. of spindle speed8
Spindle speed range20 – 835 rpm
Spindle bore80 mm
Spindle noseA2 Size 8
No of British threads40
Range of British threads2 to 60 TPI
No. of metric threads20
Range of metric threads0.5 to 15 mm pitch
No. of DP threads40
Range of DP threads4 to 120 TPI
No. of Module threads20
Range of module threads0.25 to 7.5 mm
No. of feeds40
Range of longitudinal feed0.066 to 2.0 mm / rev
Range of transverse feed0.016 to 0.48 mm / rev
Lead screw diameter / pitch38.1 mm / 4 TPI
Tail stock spindle diameter75 mm
Taper in tail stock quillMT – 5
Cross slide travel330 mm
Compound slide travel180 mm
Tool post square150 x 150 mm
Tool shank size25 x 25 mm

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