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Planing Machine

Planing Machine
Planing Machine
Planing Machine

Product Model Name : Planing Machine

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Planer Machine Manufacturer in India !

The Mater Export planing machines has sufficient rigidity against heavy and accurate cutting operations. Why you will choose us? As you are aware of that we are the top company of planing machine manufacturers. We will provide you free installation all orders from any state and city in India. Our installation team came to your establishment and install our machine and give training and presentation of the machine to how to operate.


We can prepare modified models of these machines successfully at our office. Our engineers can repair any fault in our products that our customer buy from us. We embedded our latest technology in developing the machinery. 


Technical Specifications:

Length of Bed2895mm3810mm4725mm5640mm6555mm7470mm
Length of Table2060mm2670mm3280mm3885mm4495mm5185mm
Stroke of Table2060mm2745mm3355mm3965mm4595mm965mm
Width of Table790mm790mm965mm965mm965mm1550mm
Planning Width1245mm1245mm1550mm1550mm1550mm1550mm
Height Under Cross Rail1095mm1245mm1550mm1550mm1550mm1550mm
HP REQUIRED33557.57.5

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