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Jenny or Burrying Machine

Jenny or Burrying Machine
Jenny or Burrying Machine
Jenny or Burrying Machine

Product Model Name : Jenny or Burrying Machine

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Jenny or Burying Machine Manufactures !

We are making indigenous make hand operated jenny and burrying machine in Punjab, India. It is designed for edging, burrying the edges of the all classes of the plate etc and many more operations.


  • Quality design for long life
  • Manual adjustment of top roll
  • Available in Hand Operated and motorized model.
  • Adjustable depth gauge
  • Rigid heavy cast iron construction.


We Master Exports India are reckoned in the worldwide industry as a major manufacturer and exporter in this domain. We are committed to giving excellent customer care services for our customer’s clients.  Our engineers are familiar to latest technologies to build machinery to satisfy customer needs.


Technical Specifications:

Working center of rollmm3838515176767676
inch1 1/21 1/2223333
Max thick cap in M.Smm0.
Max depth of gapmm75100125150125125150150
Power Req 1440 RPMH.P22

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