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Hydraulic Press Brake

Hydraulic Press Brake
Hydraulic Press Brake
Hydraulic Press Brake

Product Model Name : Hydraulic Press Brake

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Hydraulic Press Brake Machine Suppliers

Hydraulic Press Brake is an economical, accurate and highly productive machine designed with easily accessible controls. Build with a bed, supporting the mounted and guided operating parts with a bolster plate attached to the top surface of the bed. (Daylight is the clearance from the press bed to the bolster bottom.) With a cylinder, ram, packing, piston, and seals assemble together, Frame is the main structure of the press consisting of both the working surface and cylinder. Mounted on the cylinder Ram, Moving Plate moves when cylinder extends. Determining the largest diameter piece, Throat Clearance is a distance between the frame member behind the bed to vertical centerline. Within the stroke limits, the stroke length can be set for any distance of the cylinder like the bottom of the stroke, top of the stroke and pre-slowdown point. Keeping the safety of the operator in mind, Dual Push Buttons is considered one of the most common methods of actuating hydraulic presses. 

Hence, the machinery is manufactured to high standards of accuracy and durability.Master Exports India supply best Hydraulic Press Brake Machine in all over the world. Due to these various features and facilities, Master Exports India is recognized one of the best Hydraulic Press Brake Machine Suppliers. Our manufactured press break machines are appreciated in the global market for their effective performance, specific outputs, higher service life, low sustaining and robust construction.

Features of Hydraulic Press Brake Machine 

  • Low power consuming.
  • Higher efficiency due to smooth operation and low noise of the operator. 
  • Better safety measures for the machinery and operator. 
  • Due to rear cylinders, there is the low-pressure system. 
  • Against the fatigue failure, it has the load carrying capacity with better rigidity.
  • It’s fast returning and approaching speed makes it a less time-consuming machine. 
  • Automatic and Semi-Auto mode makes it easy for the operator. 

What are the benefits of Hydraulic Press Brake?

The Hydraulic Press Brake Machine requires Low Maintenance with Low Operating Cost. While Operating it makes the least noise any firm or operator would want its machinery to make. Its Controllable force and speed buttons with Automatic and Semi-Auto mode make it the most flexible machine.


Technical Specifications:

Hydraulic Press Brake Model

TonTable LengthTable Width

Bending Cap (in MS ,UTS)

45 kg / mm2)

Clear Pass

Ram strokeOpen HeightHP
PBR2152015001501.6 x 15002 x 125010001002502
PBR 3203020001502 X20003 x 125015501002503
PBR 4254025001502 X25003 x 150020551002503
PBR5155015001904×15005 x 125010501002505
PBR5205020001903 x 20004 x 150015501002505
PBR 5255025001902.5 x 25003 X200020551002505
PBR 6256525001903 X25004 X200020551503305
PBR6306530001902.5×30003 x 250025401503305
PBR 8258025001904 X25005 X200020551503307.5
PBR 8308030001903 X30004 X250025401503307.5
PBR 102510025001905 X25006 X200020551503307.5
PBR 103010030001904 X30005 X250025401503307.5
PBR 104010040001903 X40004 X300032501503307.5
PBR 122512525002506 X25008 X2000205515035010
PBR 123012530002505 X30006 x2500254015035010
PBR 124012540002504 X40005 X 3000325015035010
PBR 162516025002508 X250010 X 2000205515035015
PBR 163016030002306 X30008 X2500254015035015
PBR164016040002305 x 40006 x 3000310015035015
PBR 2025200250023010 X250012 X 2000205520040020
PBR203020030002308 X 300010×2500254020040020

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