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Slotting Machines

Slotting Machine Manufacturers in India!

We supply high-quality slotting machines Ludhiana fabricated with superior quality raw materials. These machines render high durability and are manufacture following the specifications are given by the clients. Manufactured by the team of skilled professionals, we supply, export and trade heavy duty slotting machines in different shapes and sizes. For more ease to our clients, we make sure that the machine is made with the high-quality material, sturdy and easy to install.

Introduction of Slotting Machine

Slotting Machine is curtailing machines designed to machine slot and groove into a workpiece. They are the reciprocating tool of Slotting Machine is a ram holding tool that reciprocates in a vertical axis and the tools cutting actions takes place only during the downward stroke. They are particularly used in textile factories, repair shops, steel rolling mills, power plants, paper mills, and shipbuilding. They are also used for cutting of grooves and slotting them in shapes and holes while additionally smoothing the worked surface. These machines are basically utilized for high volume operations because of they are more economical at high production rates, reproducibility, and consistency.

What are the types of Slotting machines?

  • Tool Room Slotter: This machine is a heavy machinery which takes light cuts and gives accurate finishing due to its operating at high-speed designs.
  • Punch Slotter: This heavy duty rigid machinery is used for removing a large amount of metal from large castings or forging.
  • Production Slotter: This heavy duty slotter machine is made into two parts a heavy cast base and heavy frame.

Functions and parts of Slotting Machine

The verticle shaper machine is build up of a Ram, tool head assembly, Base, column, table, Ram drive mechanism, feed mechanism, Saddle and cross slide The front face of the machine is in the verticle column which has guideways for the tool that is attached to tool head supported by the reciprocating ram. The base is built with rigidity in order to tackle the cutting forces. The slotting machines cuts slots, keys and grooves in various shapes making irregular and regular surfaces both external and internal cutting profiles and gears. Due to its workpiece surmounted on the table which can be given rotary feed motion, longitudinal and cross are used for any type of work where movement of the verticle tool is advantageous and essential.

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