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Hydraulic Thread and Form Rolling Machine Manufacturers !

Master Exports who is known for his machines and their services now this company becomes the most popular industry in nationwide for hydraulic thread and form rolling suppliers. We embedded latest technology in developing the machinery. Our products have different parts and tools to perform different jobs with full perfection. They support versatile functioning. They are safe and easy to operate. They are quite energy efficient too and never create any noise while their functioning.


They are easily lubricated and need low maintenance. We provide wide range of products based on their attractive, color, capacity, and cost.


Technical Specifications:

Model TR-24B TR-42D TR-80A
Work Piece (in Feed) 3-24 mm 3-50 mm 10-80 mm
Max. Pitch of Thread (Standard V Thread) 3 mm 5 mm 10 mm
Max. Serrations Pitch 1.0 mm 1.6 mm 3 mm
Max. Die. Width 80 mm 150 mm 200 mm
Max. Through Feed Thread Length 6 meter 6 meter 6 meter
Max. Rolling Force (infinitely adjustable) 6 tons 16/20 tons 30 tons
Spindle Axis Swivel for through Feed 50 50 120
Roll Spindle 40 mm 4 mm 69.85 mm
Max. Rolling Die 120 mm 180 mm 220 mm
Roll Spindle Speed (RPM) 60/90 20/40/60 16/22/34/73/110/150
Main Motor (H.P.) 3 5/7.5 15
Hydraulic Power Pack Motor (H.P.) 1 2/3 3
Coolant Pump 1/8 H.P. 1/8 H.P. 1/2 H.P.
Electrical Connection 415 V. 50 Hz, 3 Phase 415 V. 50 Hz, 3 Phase 415 V. 50 Hz, 3 Phase
Appx. Weight 1000 Kg. 2200 Kg. 3500 Kg.

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