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Hydraulic Hacksaw Machine

Product Model Name : Hydraulic Hacksaw Machine

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Hydraulic Hacksaw Machines Manufactures !

This tool is basically used to cut numerous materials such as wood and metal. Master Exports hydraulic tools are reliable, durable and stable. We provide top quality hacksaw tools for trouble free operations. They are manufactured by experts for continuous working. These robust and highly accurate tool are cost effective. In the beginning the company was making lathes. But after adding more machinery to the product line of advanced high tech hydraulic hacksaw machine, Master Exports now have become a tool supplier of the nation exporting machinery worldwide. 


By being successful and flexible to the preferences, Master Exports promise to innovate with ways and designs that make business operations more convenient than ever.


Technical Specifications:

Model BFH-8 BFH-10 BFH-12
Cutting Round 200 250 300
Capacity Square 150 200 250
No of stroke per min 100-125 100-125 85-100
Blade Size (mm) 400x32 450x32 500x38
Approx Weight Kg, 350 450 600
Motor (1440 RPM) 1 HP 1.5 HP 2 H.P

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