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Construction device: Concrete Mixer Without Hopper

The powered device is used to mix cement with water and other substances including sand and gravel. The mixer then is installed with a chute, a motor and a rotating drum. The material that forms concrete spins around and mix evenly in order to have a soft texture of concrete. They are easily available in different capacities. They are efficiently and ruggedly constructed mixers with vast utility at the construction sites. Often used in building bridges, roads, and other important projects. The device is of two types Mini Mixer that is used by homeowners to make patio or sidewalk repair whereas Large Commercial Concrete Mixer Truck is the mixing huge volume of components is widely used at construction sites. 


Due to it's Easy to operate, Energy-efficient, Safe to use and mixing features, it is highly used at tough construction sites. Hence, the vibration free equipment has efficient and hassle free operations. It is built of a robust structure that makes it an easy and user-friendly device. 

Technical Specifications:

Batch Capacity : 200 Lts. 10 Cft Unmixed / 7 Cft Mixed.
Batch Capacity : 140 Lts. (7 / 5 Cft.)
Power : A : 5 H.P. 1500 RPMAirCooled Diesel Engine
B : 3 H.P. 3 Phase 1440 RPM AC Drive Electrical Motor
Handling : 4 Nos. Pneumatic Tyre with Roller Bearing With Excel Shaft.

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