Pedestal type bed
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Pedestal Type Bed

Product Model Name : Pedestal Type Bed

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Technical Specifications:

Particulars / Models CW6263E CW6280E CW62100E
Max.Swing over Bed 630mm 800mm 1000mm
Max.Swing over Cross Slide 350mm 520mm 720mm
Max. Swing in Gap 800mm 1000mm 1230mm
Width of Gap 465mm
Max. Length of Workpiece (ABC) 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000mm
Width of Guideway 550mm
Main Spindle Bore 105/130mm
Taper of Spindle Bore 120mm(1:20)/140mm(1:20)
Spindle Nose C11 / D11
No. / Range of Spindle Speed 7.5 - 1000rpm
Max. Travel of Cross Slide 445mm 493mm
Max. Travel of Top Slide 200mm
Travel of Tailstock Quill 240mm
Diameter of Tailstock Quill 100mm
Taper bore of Tailstock Quill No 6 MT
Main Motor Power 11kW(15HP)

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